Advertising with North Pointe Cinemas

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How do local businesses cut through the clutter to generate revenue? On screen advertising is the solution. Advertising research shows that recall rate of a cinema ad is six times greater than that of a TV ad. Advertising in North Pointe Cinemas’ unique atmosphere offers several advantages that no other media can:


  • A captive audience who can’t flip the page or change the channel
  • A wide range of demographics that reaches far beyond the limits of print ads
  • Bright, high-definition images projected with new digital technology
  • Captivating presentation of your business without competition for screen space. During your spot, your ad is the sole audience focal point.


North Pointe Cinemas has partnered with 1 Better LLC, the nation’s premiere full motion digital screen advertising company, to significantly increase public interest in your business. Advertising experts and discerning consumers know that professionally produced full-motion movie screen ads work best when combined with background music and voice narration. Capture audience attention with a professionally polished ad spot running either 15, 30, or 60 seconds before each feature film.

To begin your advertising venture with North Pointe Cinemas, visit or contact the manager at 574-267-1985, ext. 102.